Livery Services Tailored to your Lifestyle

The well being of your horse always comes first but we recognise you require a livery service that fits your lifestyle. Talk to us about your needs.

DIY Livery

We will provide your horse with a stable and turn out.

  • All fields have automatic water system.
  • A tack room is available for your tack, shelving for a limited amount of rugs and equipment.
  • Wheelbarrows, forks and brooms etc are on site, however please feel free to bring your own. Your own equipment should be clearly labelled. All boxes have automatic water.
  • You are responsible for providing your horses feed/hay/bedding (straw is not premitted) and any supplements.
  • Your horse will be fed each morning by the first person onto the yard, feed (to be left covered) and hay to be left ready outside your box.
  • Horses are generally checked no earlier than 9pm every evening, extra feed/hay given if necessary.
  • If you require your horse to be brought in/turned out, mucked out etc then a separate arrangement may be agreed for which a charge will be made.

Full Livery

Your horse will be fully attended to - fed, mucked out, rugs changed, turned out, brought in, feet picked and brushed off.

  • Any injuries will be attended to as necessary.
  • We will discuss your horses feed requirements with you. We feed coarse mixes/cubes, soya oil, chaff, beet pulp. We will purchase any specific feed you request but a small fee may be chargeable if this is a more expensive brand.
  • Good quality hay or haylage is provided and horses are bedded down on shavings or an alternative dust-free bedding. No straw is permitted.
  • Shoeing - you are responsible for shoeing bills and a cheque or cash should be left for the farrier on the day of his visit.
  • Veterinary fees will be invoiced directly from the practice.
  • You must provide all rugs and neccessary equipment.
  • Exercise and schooling is not included in the standard livery fee but can be provided by separate arrangement.


  • Slade Farm has a variety of amenities so charges have been categorized to accommodate differing needs.
  • We can cater for DIY/full or assisted livery, some costs are detailed or please ring to discuss your requirements.

Terms Overview

Livery is payable one month in advance by standing order and 30 days notice period (by either party) is required if your horse is to be moved.

All horses are expected to be fully vaccinated and the Slade Farm worming programme is to be adhered to.

A 'strangles test' and isolation period is mandatory.  This is to ensure the health and safety of the animals on the yard.  Horse may still be ridden and turned out during this period. 

Contracts are available to view on request.

Winter Full Grass Livery

£275 per horse per calendar month

Your horse/horses will be checked daily, moved as neccessary and any minor ailments attended to.

Hay is included in the monthly charge however farrier visits, worming and hard feed will be an additional cost.

Summer Full Grass Livery

£195 per horse per calendar month 

As above but excluding hay 


DIY Grass Livery

Summer livery

£120 per horse per calendar month

Use of the field/grazing only, it will be your responsibility to check your horse/horses daily and attend to all their needs. Use of any facilites will be charged as per our 'extra charge sheet' which is available on request.

Winter livery

£180 per horse per calendar month

As above including the provision of hay as appropriate.


DIY Grass Livery ‘Plus’

Summer livery

£146 per horse per calendar month 

As above but to include the use of the following facilities:

  • tack room;
  • arenas and jumps;
  • XC fences;
  • wash down area;
  • covered area for tacking up/farrier/clipping etc.
Winter livery

£226 per horse per calendar month 

As above including the provision of hay as appropriate